comprehensive research from various fields in short summarized articles, e.g.

Consumer Neuroscience
Interaction Design
Love Brands Development
Service Design
Social & Personality Neuroscience
User Experience Design (Usability)
User Interface Design

Research by Ricardo Göldner,
Creative Marketing Director, Art Director Interactive and Founder of Emotional Marketing Land


How to arouse emotions?

Ricardo Göldner

You would love to boost your brand or product?

You need long-lasting relationships with your customers?


Learn about unique and irresistible tactics and strategies (emotional marketing), which you want to implement in your Marketing System or Design. In that way you’ll transform your prospects and customers into raving fans, increase your brand loyalty and skyrocket your sales.

How to boost your brand or product?

1. Connections

Evoke positive connections – get & stay in the brains of your prospects.

Emotion Systems) and Design

2. Brand loyalty

Address every possible objections your prospects may have – which leads to a very strong brand story that people believe and understand. 


3. Love

Transform your prospects and customers into raving fans. Your brand or product is part of their world.

Marketing, Design and Psychology

4. Sales

Skyrocket your sales.

You made it –
you are a 

Only Emotions create Value!

(Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel, Neuroscientist)

Effective Marketing and Design does not feel hypey, pitchy, desperate, or robotic – instead, we are going to communicate naturally and super effectively with prospects, leads, and clients – like a good friend pointing them in the direction of living a better life.

(Amaya Sinenomine, AMP)

You need to clearly understand your prospects and customers – what is happening in their brains?

(Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel, Neuroscientist)


Because your prospects have a different State of Awareness
low (education) – medium (persuasion) – high (action)

(Eugene Schwartz, ‘Copywriting Guru’)

Most prospects take between 6 and 20 touches before they make a purchase decision

(Neil Patel, Online Marketer und Co-Founder von Crazy Egg & Hello Bar)

Everybody has an individual emotional orientation – based on our genes and experience (Emotion Systems)

I am Ricardo Göldner, Creative Marketing Director, Art Director Interactive and Founder of Emotional Marketing Land. I want you to learn and implement appealing and effective precise tactics for your Marketing and Design which will evoke more than every emotional connection.


Enjoy comprehensive research from various fields in shortly summarized articles, e.g.

  • Love Brands Development, 
  • Interaction Design,
  • Service Design, 
  • Social & Personality Neuroscience,

  • Psychology, 
  • Consumer Neuroscience, 
  • User Experience Design (Usability), 
  • User Interface Design, etc

 Let’s emotionalize your brand or product!


As early as 1969 it was proved: 

“The meaning attributed to those things arises out of social interaction with others.” 

(Herbert Blumer (G. H. Mead’s Student), 1969). 

That means we, the people or rather our brain have not really changed since

the last millennium. Despite the fact that the technology is developing very quickly, we remain people with ordinary needs. 

We create designs for people and their feelings.



“Designing a product is designing a relationship.”
(Steve Rogers, 2006)



“One cannot not [multisensory *] communicate!”
(Paul Watzlawick, 1969; *Olaf Hartmann, 2014)


How to exactly create Emotional Marketing and Emotional Design?


That is a big question and first of all it is a complex interpretation process which creates the value of things for people. It includes (among other things) Interaction Design, Service Design, User Experience, User Interface and especially relevant is Consumer Neuroscience.


I am interested in neuropsychological and contextual aspects.


Accompany me on my research journey to boost brand loyalty and drive finally sales. It is all about Love Brands and building unconscious lasting relationships.


Read about tips, tactics and strategies which you want to implement in your marketing system.

 My researches are meant for anybody who is interested in evoking emotional connection to prospects and customers for instance Entrepreneurs, Marketing Managers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Interaction Designer, User Experience or User Interface Designer.

Learn about accurate tactics which are more appealing, effective and evoke emotional connections.

Finally, I will keep you informed about the latest news of my research.

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